TaaS - The Instructions for Tokens Recovery from the WebWallet

Main Purpose

Gives users possibility to withdraw any tokens and ETH from Ambisafe User Contract backup (e.g. Wallet Backup from Cryptowallet). Works with Ambisafe UCs ONLY. User needs to have a Wallet Backup (see example in User Guide) and to know a password that he used to log into Cryptowallet.


Latest version of Google Chrome.

User Guide


1. Install and set up Metamask for Google Chrome. It will be used to sign transactions and all funds will be recovered to its address.

2. Send some ETH to your Metamask address (every Token Transaction needs near 0.002 ETH to be mined).

3. Request “Wallet Backup” from Cryptowallet.

4. Copy your Wallet Address from Cryptowallet.

In order to recover tokens:

1. Go to https://recovery.ambisafe.com/ .

2. Connect your Metamask Account in appeared pop-up.

3. Paste an Encrypted Container from your Wallet Backup (pre-requisite #3) to the corresponding field.
Encrypted Container Example:
{"public_key":"02fd81de592d6de9919aadbc579fe95e38c56b08e0c28a51756f1ac9921a0e7d31", "data": "293a4701bdfc01e0b8411f80dfc96172ce331253db669409683a59de58ecb37d5ad1c8df0832510c56189205d012c3d1", "salt": "28080105385c1781560dcde9955cb50e95205526", "iv": "ef59ed19d1108672c8b8a851781921bd"}

4. Input a password you used to log into Cryptowallet and click “Decrypt”.

5. If everything went good, you should see some fields with your wallet data (Proxy address, Private Key, Public Key). You may copy them into the secure place to make a backup.

6. Paste your Wallet Address taken from Cryptowallet (pre-requisite #4) into “Enter wallet address“ field and click Verify.

7. Now, you should see amount of ETH and tokens, that are contained in your wallet.

8. Click “Recover” near any of tokens you want to withdraw. Pay attention, that Transaction Fee will be subtracted from your Metamask address. You must deposit near 0.002 ETH to your Metamask address to make transaction happen.

9. Accept Transaction in Metamask pop-up.

10. Repeat steps 9-10 for all tokens that your Wallet Backup contains.

All your funds are now transferred to your Metamask Address!

Video guide for installation of Metamask on Google Chrome.

Video guide for tokens recovery.

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