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TaaS contributes to crypto ventures, which bring efficiency and simplify the use of cryptocurrencies in the ever-growing decentralized marketplace. Contributions to the promising Token Generation Events (TGEs), or as the media has been referring to as ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings, shows the Fund’s commitment to include the most stable and liquid assets in its portfolio. TaaS embraces diversification as a key pillar for sustaining and scaling up the fund’s performance.

Each selected project underwent TaaS internal evaluation procedures, including rigorous due diligence on the financial, technical and legal situation of each project.

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TaaS keeps a close eye on the rapid evolution of crypto assets. The Fund aims to bring further transparency to the crypto investment industry and improve the availability and use of blockchain. The strategic partnerships allow for further development of cryptospace infrastructure. It is aligned with TaaS’ strategic goals to enhance interact with wide range of blockchain ventures as well as to diversify the fund’s portfolio. It is a key to continuing our successful performance.

TaaS is constantly expanding its cooperation with the most progressive members of crypto space and welcomes new partnerships.

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TaaS attempts to bring further transparency to the crypto industry. Due to the exponential growth rate of crypto assets, TaaS understands that there is an urgent need to provide investors with relevant tools to guarantee transparency of ventures activities. TaaS proprietary Crypto Audit (CA) technology was designed to provide transparent mapping of the fund’s performance.

Taas’ Crypto Audit is a set of monitoring tools that lets any member of the public to easily validate the trading history and portfolio balances. It offers free access to all the relevant information investors should have access to at all times.

TaaS welcomes the initiatives to ensure the highest standards of transparency and propose TaaS Crypto Audit franchise as the third-party provider.

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